Welfare of the Child

As a parent, you are the only advocate for your child.  This is even more_DSC8276 so when your child is an infant and cannot fend for themselves.   A couple I know is having a terrible time coping with their child who was born blind, deaf and has cerebral palsy.  There are really no words to express how little hope there is for the future of this child and for happiness in the family.  A burden almost too great to bear, although they are coping as best as anyone could.

This got me to thinking about who the parents go to when they need an advocate.  Clearly, this family needs help and not only monetarily.  Imagine the stress they go through every day knowing that tomorrow has no chance of being better than today, and it may be worse.  Waking up to the very real possibility that something will go wrong, and that there is nothing you can do about it.  Knowing that life will never be better, and it will never be as good as it was.

This particular case was no one’s fault.  This baby was born way too soon and no one could help that.  But there are situations when it is someone’s fault.  A doctor, a nurse, a medical attendant or other professional was negligent, or was drunk or too tired to be able to perform their duties properly.  Then it is someone’s fault and that person is responsible for the difficulties that a child will face going through life with a disability or an injury that prohibits them from leading a normal, healthy life.

Not everything is someone’s fault.  Not every problem can be fixed.  There isn’t always someone to point the finger at…sometimes there needs to be some thumb pointing too.  But when it is clear that there was negligence of some kind, parents need to know that they have someone to advocate for them, and their child.  With all the burdens of caring for an infant or child with an injury caused during their birth, to ask these parents to also pick up a sword in defense of their helpless child and the financial stability of their family is almost too much to ask someone.  That’s why there are lawyers.  For these cases, you need a very good one.


Finding a Quality Chicago Lasik Surgeon

Healthy EyesFinding the right eye surgeon is not always easy. If you have been seen by an eye doctor who prescribed your contacts or fitted you for eye glasses, you no doubt have received one referral to check out. You should get one or two more opinions from other lasik surgeons to be sure and safe. There are various considerations that you need to check out that just one surgeon may not be able to satisfy, so you will want to do your due diligence on the two or three others that you interview.

Training and Expertise

To begin with, you will want to interview doctors that have been trained extensively in the equipment that they will be using for your procedure and you will want to find one that has done thousands of procedures. Seeing “it all” and doing “it all” will ensure that your surgeon has not only chosen the right course of action for your special eye requirements, but also has experienced anything that might come up during surgery and knows what to do when that happens. Lasik is a very safe procedure when in the right hands. You want to make sure that should you want to have Chicago lasik surgery, for example, you find the best surgeon in Chicago with a vast amount of experience.


Many doctors use a facility off site to perform the lasik procedure – i.e. they don’t own their own equipment and lease equipment at a facility that services many surgeons. There is nothing wrong with this. However, to gauge the professionalism of your doctor, check out their office staff at their headquarters. You will want to make sure that the follow through is there and that your eye needs going forward, if any, will be professionally handled. The surgeon needs more than just a machine, he or she needs a structure to be able to handle all your eye care requirements in the future. Does the staff treat you in a courteous and respective manner? This is something that you feel and sense and you should trust your gut on this one.


One thing you don’t want to do is spend a lot of your own money (lasik isn’t usually covered by health insurance) to find out that you were promised perfect vision but that it wasn’t actually possible. Lasik is a wonderful procedure in the right hands. But you need to get more than one opinion to find out what is possible for you.
You don’t want to be promised the moon and be disappointed when you can’t see as well as you hoped. Interview many surgeons to find out what the consensus is as to your potential outcome. Any outliers (promised too much or too little in comparison to the others) should be viewed with a bit of skepticism. Remember, trust your gut and don’t just pick the surgeon that promises what others can’t or won’t be able to deliver.


One way to compare promises with outcomes is through testimonials. Read them carefully for indications at how satisfied patients have been with their treatment. Dissatisfaction usually comes with overpromising and underdelivering and you will be able to tell that from the testimonials a doctor has collected or from an online review site. You can also check out your lasik treatment options at us-vo.org.